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Social Justice

How I Can Offer Reparations in Direct Proportion to My White Privilege

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The government is labeling activists as “black identity extremists.”

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Raj Patel on How to Break Away from Capitalism

Understanding the history of the world and our centuries-long drive toward cheapness.
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Five myths about DACA

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Midwest Now

Protecting the Rights of People & Nature
From the Local Up

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It’s going to take hundreds of us reaching out to thousands more for Community Rights US to have the strong start that this bold work so dearly deserves.
I have included a sample email and social media post (below) for you to simply copy and send out through your channels. And if you can add a brief personal note, that will make it all the more effective. Thank you in advance!
And allow me to offer you an additional reason to share this letter widely – my new Commentary written for a national audience titled, “Did Project Censored Miss the Biggest Story of the Year?”. This is the kind of analysis that only the Community Rights movement is capable of offering in this time of growing crisis in our nation. Do you know any people in the media that you could forward it to, to assist us in getting it published in national or regional news sites?
At Community Rights US, our work is about helping towns, cities and counties across the nation as they exercise their inherent right to govern themselves, by passing local laws that ban controversial corporate activities that threaten their health, safety, and wellbeing; and dismantle corporate so-called “rights” and state preemption that interfere in Peoples’ Rights. More than 200 communities in nine states – both conservative and progressive – have already passed these new-paradigm protective laws. But we need thousands more to do so, and rapidly, if we are to have any realistic chance of stopping the corporate state from causing any further harm. 
We ask for your active support in sharing our crowdfunding launch and my Project Censored commentary. Thank you!
Paul Cienfuegos
Co-Director & Lead Trainer
(Posted 10/25 by DJB)

Local Highlights

Since March of 2016, Bold Iowa has been a key leader on climate change and eminent domain. In fact, our work is recognized not just in Iowa but across the country.

We’ve built a powerful rural-urban network of environmentalists, farmers, Indigenous communities, landowners, and property-rights advocates. But our funding is perilously tight, and we truly need your support NOW! If even 10% of those receiving this message contribute $25, that would cover 20% of our annual budget. So, please TAKE A COUPLE MINUTES TO DONATE!

Our mission to build a broad coalition to fight climate change, protect land and water, and stand up for property rights against the abuse of eminent domain keeps our awesome team busy. Beyond the importance of your financial support, if you’re feeling really bold and would like to discuss joining our team, contact me at